Red Panda Exhibit
Knoxville Zoo
Keith Montgomery (865) 637-5331

Knoxville, TN
2006-2007 West Knoxville Dental Association
Dr. Lendell Massengale
Farragutt, TN
2006 Little Caesars Pizza Renovations - Store #2801 Cedar Bluff, TN
2006 Little Caesars Pizza Renovations - Store #2802 Halls, TN
2006 Little Caesars Pizza Renovations - Store #2804 Chapman Hwy
2006 Little Caesars Pizza Renovations - Store #2805 Maryville, TN
  Little Caesars Enterprises
Dwight MacKinney
2006 Papermill Plaza Maintenance Work
Branch Properties, LLC
Angelia Jolley
Knoxville, TN
2006 Mastermelt America Office Renovation Sweetwater, TN
Mark Degnan
2006 Northgate Shopping Ctr. Maintenance Work Knoxville, TN
  Becker & Associates
Pat Smit
Charlie Vaughn - Cherry & Associates
Nashville, TN
Bill Wallis - Wallis Reality
Nashville, TN
Scott Osborn - R2R Studio's AIA
Knoxville, TN
Bett Honeycutt - 3g Studio's AIA
Knoxville, TN
John Cardwell/Heidi Brenner - Quality Bakers
4529 Holston Drive
Knoxville, TN 37914

Daryl Johnson
Colleen Riordan
Kristin Grove
Johnson Architecture
215 Center Park Drive Ste.800
Knoxville, TN 37922

Kevin Hermann - Fresh Markets
Greensboro, N.C.
Randy Burleson - Aubrey's Restaurant
11401 Municipal Center Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922
Keith Montgomery - Knoxville Zoo
Knoxville, TN
Jerry Lewis - Lewis Group Architects
111 Northshore Drive
Ste. N-290 Landmark Center
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phil Joseph - Blue Ridge Development
Knoxville, TN
Jim Harrison - Hunter Development
Knoxville, TN
Timothy Dunnavant AIA
Knoxville, TN



The following projects were completed by Lance Blair with previous company. He was responsible for total coordination and operation of the projects including bidding, writing the contracts, purchasing all materials, scheduling and keeping the projects within budget and within schedule.  He also maintained the owner / architect relations.  He was responsible for the development of the project from start to finish.

Type of Work
2001 Starbucks Coffee Shop Knoxville, TN Hunter Development
2003 Starbucks Coffee Shop Tifton, GA Stafford Properties
2003 Starbucks Coffee Shop Knoxville, TN Cherry and Associates
2004 Starbucks Coffee Shop Oak Ridge, TN NENR Development
2004 Starbucks Coffee Shop Montgomery, AL Starbucks Coffee Corp.
2004 Starbucks Coffee Shop Hattisburg, MS Starbucks Coffee Corp.
2005 Starbucks Coffee Shop Macon, GA Starbucks Coffee Corp.
2005 Starbucks Coffee Shop Valdosta, GA Cherry and Associates
2005 Starbucks Coffee Shop Sevierville, TN  NENR Development
2005 Starbucks Coffee Shop
Greer, SC Carolina Holdings
2002 Vetinary Clinic
Knoxville, TN  Knoxville Zoo 
2002 Edison Park Steak House
Farragutt TN. Randy Burleson
2003 Aubrey's Restaurant Maryville, TN  Randy Burleson
2005 Aubrey's Restaurant Lenoir City, TN Randy Burleson
2005 Aubreys Restaurant Knoxville TN. Randy Burleson
2003 Hooters Restaurant Clarksville TN. RMD Corp.
2004 Hooters Restaurant Memphis TN. RMD Corp.
2005 Hooters Restaurant Nashville TN. RMD Corp.
2000 Loudon Elementary
Loudon TN. Loudon School Board 
2001 Steekee Elementary
Loudon TN. Loudon School Board 
2003 Loudon High School Voc. Loudon TN. Loudon School Board 
2003 Derby Downs
Shopping Center
Vonore TN. Blue Ridge Development
2003 Freshmarket Grocery
Knoxville TN. Freshmarket Corp.
2004 Freshmarket Grocery Chattanooga TN. Freshmarket Corp.
2005 Freshmarket Grocery
Farragut TN. Freshmarket Corp.
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